Storage Tanks

Our customers explain to us their needs and we have the required information for providing and fulfilling the needs of customer.

Umasons delivers customized storage vessels and tanks (plane, jacketed and insulated) over the base material in SS 316 and SS 304.

For e.g. A storage vessel designed by us with a capacity of 20000 liters designed to withstand 4kgs/cm.sq. internal pressure.

Once again, a storage tank made in SS 316 with a capacity of 13,000 liters, custom-made as per customer specifications to be used for a sterile process. The tank has is mirror-finished internally and externally. This tank has been designed to withstand vacuum and 4 Kgs/ cm.sq. pressure.

Fermentation & Blending Tanks

Umasons has been manufacturing high quality tanks for the wine and distillery industries for the last 20 years. We ensure the right tank is chosen for each application and is fitted with the correct accessories. Various volumes, sizes, vertical or horizontal position, varying wall thickness can be manufactured to suit your specification.

Our thin walled tanks are made with a dimpled jacket. This provides the best results and efficiencies in cooling and fermentation process. The tanks enable color & flavor extraction, keeps fermenations healthy and help to maintain uniform temperature.

All our tanks are made from tested grade stainless steel. The tanks are easy to clean with mirror finishes. and seamless moulding of weld.

Various Types of Storage Tanks

Storage Tank

Horizontal Flat Ended Storage Tanks

  • Horizontal
  • With or without saddle support
  • Can be used over ground / underground storage

Flat Bottom Conical Top Storage

  • Standard Construction
  • Flat Sloping Bottom
  • Mounted on RCC Base or Structural Base
  • Capacity from 5000 Liters to 50,000 Liters

Horizontal Pressurised Storage Tank

  • Tanks with Both Dished End
  • Can Take Pressure and Vacuum
  • Can Be Manufactured With Simple/Dimple Jackets for Heating and Cooling

Horizontal Pressurised Storage Tank With Mixing

  • Can Be Manufactured With Simple/Dimple Jackets for Heating and Cooling
  • Agitator For Keeping Suspension or Increasing Heating or Cooling

Flat Bottom Dished End Storage Tank

  • Vertical Storage Tank with Minor Pressure
  • Available Up o 25000 Liter Capacity

Vertical Blending Tanks (1)

  • For Blending Of Alcohols
  • Downwards Agitator
  • Dishe Bottor For

Vertical Blending Tanks (2)

  • Side Entry Horizontal Agitator
  • Tanks with Vetury Mixers
  • Tanks with Strong Ventury Mixers
  • Minimum Maintainence
  • Complete System Available
  • Gasification Tank for ETP
  • Capacity-10, Lakh liter
  • With Glass hoods
  • And Gas Handling System