Change Room Furniture

Stainless Steel Lockers

We manufacture a large variety of lockers to suit your space and utility requirements. We can also provide lockers with an in-built facility for suction that can be used for removing bad odours. These lockers bank can be fixed in a way that it matches your interiors exactly without leaving any gaps in the available areas

We can give you options for the desired finish, they can be powder coated with the base of MS or they can be built of stainless steel. These lockers can also be tailor-made to fit only valuables or made as small as pigeon-holes that can be fixed on the walls where there is a shortage of space

Shoe Cupboards

We manufacture shoe racks in different sizes and combinations. These shoe racks are fitted with doors and have built-in suction to remove false odour. Such ventilation means help keep your change room areas clean and fresh.

Cross Over Benches

We can make a variety of cross-over benches,closed from all sides, Simple bench, one side shoe rack and other side closed, Both side shoe racks, Slanting shoe racks, ā€œ Zā€ type shoe Bench and so on.

Gowning Cabinets

Versatile cabinets manufactured by us provide ample storage space to help your employees comply with proper gowning protocol

Dust Bins

We manufacture stainless steel dustbins in varied sizes. These are ideal for disposal of garbage and are almost self-maintained. They can be widely used in various industry sectors.

Soiled Linen Trolleys

Linen trolleys are available in various sizes and specifications to suit your requirements. We also provide you with trolleys that use a standard cloth bag to collect contaminated laundry

Linen Racks

We can provide solutions that can accommodate garments, masks, gloves and a variety of linen.

Various Types of Stainless Steel Change Room Furniture

Change Room Furniture

Stainless steel locker

  • With or without suction
  • Locker with suction removes bad smells
  • Various combinations are available
  • Closure panels between lockers false ceiling available

Stainless steel locker with bottom shoe compartments

  • Separate lockable shoe compartments
  • Various widths and no of combination available
  • Closing panel between lockers false ceiling available

Stainless steel locker storage cabinets

  • High no of compartments for small areas available

Stainless steel shoe rack

  • Shoe rack area per requirement
  • Width X Height and REQ Depth and no of pegion holes details required for quotation

Storage Rack, Cupboard

  • Cupboard for keeping
  • Cleaning apparatus

Stainless steel cross over benches

  • Cupboard type ā€“ cob
  • Simple bench type.- cob
  • All side closed - cob

Single side rack

  • Both side shoe rack
  • Slanting shoe compartment (designed for small areas)
  • Slanting shoe compartment on both sides

Stainless steel dustbins

  • Foot operated dustbins with fixed basket
  • Removable basket
  • Trolley type dustbins