Food Processing Industries

Umasons has been manufacturing high quality tanks for the winery and distillery industries for the last 20 years. We ensure the right tank is chosen for each application and is fitted with the correct accessories. Various volumes, sizes, vertical or horizontal position, varying wall thickness can be manufactured to suit your specification.

We also manufacture thin walled tanks with a dimpled jacket. This provides the best results and efficiencies in cooling and fermentation. The tanks enable color & flavor extraction, keeps fermenations healthy and help maintain uniform temperature

Our equipment suited for the distillery and wine industry can be categorized as:
  • Pilot Plants
  • Furniture
  • Pilot Plants & Small Manufacturing Plants

    Varius type of pilot plants
    1. Batch preparation / solution preparation system
    2. Batch Preparation

  • Furniture

    Our pallets are available in SS304, SS316 and SS202 material. The pallets are made as per your requirements of size and weight...

  • Electropolishing Pipe

    Electropolishing process done on Stainless Steel gives a very smooth surface with a different Luster. The suface also become more corrosion restance....

  • PTFE Coating

    Is a NON-STICK coating done for the different items where 1. Products like Plugs of the Firehydrant valves, Disc of the safety valves....